The PR Secret Behind Successful Companies

Crisis Communication
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Many companies successfully maintain a sleek and professional appearance to the public. However, most people would never expect how critical it is to have a good PR person to manage crises and every day news cycles. Having a PR agency behind your business is essential to keep your company’s reputation intact. You wouldn’t believe the panic mode that can set in if a negative news story breaks. This is the moment that can make or break your business.

With the advent of social media such as Twitter and Facebook, news story trends can spread like a firestorm and damage a companies reputation in a hurry. What used to be the equivalent of a bad hair day, now becomes magnified and blown out of proportion. But make no mistake, these news stories can have an impact on even the stock performance of companies every day.

Some executives may have an instinct to simply bury their head in the sand, ignore the news story and pretend like the problem will go away. If you talk to any PR person they’ll likely advise you to do just the opposite.   When a negative news story break, it’s imperative to start churning out a response immediately that can help save your company’s reputation. Be prepared to issue a statement about the story, and if appropriate, a PR agency will help you draft an apology to the public and your stake holders for the mistake that was made.

A PR agency will understand how to make rapid connections to bloggers and tweeters who can salvage the image of a company in a hurry. If a news story breaks and you’ve got statement ready to be issued, it may not be enough to send out company representatives to the major news networks. With so many people getting their information via online sources, you’ll need bloggers on your side to help correct the story.

Reputation management alone is one of the best reasons to have a PR agency on retainer.  They will already understand your business and be ready to defend your reputation as soon as a crisis occurs.

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